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PLASTERSPLINTS - Pre-Cut 5" x 30" Plaster Gauze Strips

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PLASTERSPLINTS - 50 pre-cut 5" x 30" strips! Neat and easy! Pre-Cut strips of thick cotton gauze impregnated with the highest quality plaster. An excellent cover over foam foundation or wire mesh. Try even cardboard lattice terrain. PlasterSplints are made of superior heavy gauze fabric giving it greater strength and ease of handling than most 'craft-grade' plaster cloths. Dip in water (or spray on water) to activate the plaster. Drape over terrain support and within minutes you have your "shell scenery". OVER 7,500 sq. inches of coverage. That's equivalent to more than 5 rolls of PlasterWrap.  Convenient, ready to use and FAST! Simply dip in water. 50 Strips per box.