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NEW Martin Welberg Multi-Tufts represent the most up-to-date development in scenic detail. This guy from Holland has one of the keenest in-sights for what is needed to perfect the genre of scenery design. Upon first notice of his tufts is perhaps the variety of heights, textures colors and materials he uses to create so many different looking tufts… it's like looking at the diversity of nature under a magnifying glass.

All of his tufts are randomly placed on a vinyl backing sheet which allows easy separation. You can either lift-off one-by-one for individual placement. Or, you can reach underneath a grouping and lift-off a random cluster of tufts just like grass tufts grow in nature. All Martin Welberg Tufts vary in diameter. When Martin produces these tufts, glue is ‘spattered’ on the vinyl backing sheet making a multitude of small droplets of various sizes. This makes nothing appear mechanical. There may be tufts that are 1/4” in diameter next to one that is 1/8” and that is next to one that is 3/8”. Every sheet is different. The tufts are closely placed together on the sheet so that they are lightly attached to one another and can easily be lifted off as a cluster or large grouping.

Sheets measure 5-3/4" x 8" and contain hundreds of individual tufts. Tufts come in an array of designs. There are 2mm tall sets, 4mm sets and 6mm sets. Tufts also come in Multi-Dimensional Tufts which have multiple height grasses to give a more un-kept rough look. For added texture many tufts have random foam weeds on the top surfaces and some even come in two-tone sets.  Far too many to list here. Take time and look at the listing below and find the perfect tufts for your model and diorama.


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