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Catalog Issue #16
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General Catalog #17 Download

Our Scenic Express Catalog, Issue #17 was Undoubtedly our BEST EVER! But, it will be our last until further notice. Being that it was issued in 2017 many of the prices and items have either gone up in price or have been discontinued. Please be aware that we can no longer accept orders with the printed prices.


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You can now download the complete 340+ page catalog in its entirety. We offer two resolutions for those with dial-up and high speed internet connections.  A big time saver, you can also download only the portions you find interesting in 1 page increments. A Quick Order Form is also downloadable.

Download Options for Scenic Express Catalog #17

  • Hi-Res Catalog: Catalog may be printed full-size (5½" x 8½") (14 cm x 21½ cm) using +600 dpi photo grade printer. Large file size: 63,344 KB. Recommended with those with T-1, Cable, DSL or high speed internet connection. CLICK HERE... Start the download. May take several minutes!
  • Screen Resolution Catalog: Catalog may be viewed full-size only as a 72 dpi screen image. The printed quality is low quality and colors may be compromised. Recommended for viewers with slower internet connections or who do not require a printed copy. CLICK HERE...
  • Print Order Form: Order forms may be download as PDF files and printed 8½" x 11" (22 cm x 28 cm) Black and white file.  CLICK HERE...
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