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Multi-Layered Tufts - Autumn Tone - 2-4mm

Multi-Layered Tufts - Autumn Tone - 2-4mm
Item Number: WBP244
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Detailed Description

NEW! 2-4mm Autumn Tone Layered Tufts - Multi-layered, various height with tall 4mm grass patches, tan & burnt green-tone 2mm tufts. Martin Welberg starts layering dry tan 2mm base tones from the previous year's dead growth and highlights them with this late season's burnt  green grasses. To really make these tufts excel is the use of 4mm tan and a slight accent of dry green tall shafts representing the high growth from the previous season. Tufts are arranged in 'grass patches' just as they would appear naturally. Use the clusters as they appear on the sheet by simply getting underneath the tuft and lift-off the size you need. Of course you always have the option of lifting-off individual tufts as you want. All tuft patters are placed randomly on a backing sheet measuring 5-3/4" x 8". Use tufts individually or in clusters. 

We recommend a simple white glue be used for permanent application. Täk-E-Glue or Hob-e-Tac are latex based and are preferred on coarse or areas of high use such as around staging areas or control centers where activity may rub-off scenery and delicate static effects.

Photo shown is an O-Scale figure for scale reference purposes only. Martin Welberg products are designed for use with ALL SCALE Models.


Martin Welberg's exclusive "micro-perforated" stippled pattern allow tufts to be place individually or lifted off backing sheet in cluster for a much more natural appearance.