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LOW PULL-APART BRIAR WEED THICKET! "Low Type F-Series" For the smaller scale modeler... Leave it up to the genius of Holland's most creative scenery designer to develop this unique tuft-like material. What you first see that makes this material so different is that it is one solid sheet of varying height grasses. The The F-Series Briar Weed Thicket is unique to to its stippled glue pattern which creates hundreds of individual tufts placed tightly together of static grass clusters ranging from 2 mm to 6 mm tall. Ideal for the smaller details demanded by fine scale modelers. When pulled apart, the material has a vertical profile just as weeds naturally grow. The sheet gradually feathers the height of the grasses to easily blend with other scenic elements such as static grass mats, traditional tufts, scenic foams and even static grasses applied using your static device. Simply lift-off a cluster, apply white glue and place. Or, you can pull-apart clusters and precisely place where they can be most effective. Sheets measure 8.25" x 6" (21 x 15 cm) Available in 12 color including 9 green tones and 3 autumn & dry-grass tones. Click here to see "High Type E-Series"

To see more about Martin Welberg's E & F-Series Briar Weed Thickets click the link below to view his short introductory video. To view the complete line of Martin Welberg Scenic Products Click Here!


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