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Wild Brush Weed Grass Early-Winter Type "E" Mat 30x21cm

Wild Brush Weed Grass Early-Winter Type
Item Number: WBM045
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Detailed Description

Wild Brush Weed Grass -  Early-Winter Tone Mat Burnt green and early golden tones of Late Summer featuring olive, beige and burnt green 2 & 4mm grasses highlighted with random patches of 6mm & 12mm dry green tone and goldenrod bramble weeds. 11" x 8" mat on ultra-thin vinyl backing.

Just when we think we have Martin Welberg's static application secrets figured out he surprises us with a new product that just defies known techniques. This mat is so complex with the number of layers, the number of different materials and the technical tricks he must incorporate, that this mat definitely features the epitome of static accomplishments.

The ultra-thin vinyl backing of Martin Welberg mats appear nearly invisible when placed correctly. Being so thin they have no edge and lay perfectly flat and will not curl or pucker. Being vinyl, they will conform to extremely rugged terrain contours. By using the correct glues such as Täk-E-Glue or Web Spray type adhesive, you can create an intricate 'patch-work' pattern which appears more natural and increases the surface area the mat covers. In some instances a normal hair-dryer can be used to help conform the mat to various contours.

The small perforations serve as a 'tooth' to allow more grip when gluing the mat surface. The perf also allows an easier method of tearing the mat with a more natural ragged edge.


All photos use an O-Scale Accessory to demonstrate scale relationship. Martin Welberg products are recommended for all scale models and dioramas.