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Item Number: BO1526
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The Best Stuff We've Discovered in a Long Time...

Web Spray Adhesive has a quick tack with a thick heavy 'web' spray pattern. Ideal for grass mats and large surfaces. Recommended for Silflor Grasses and Materials, Prairie Tufts and Pathways, foliage fibers, tree foliage and fast tack for vertical surfaces. The pattern is a flat spray versus a "cone shaped" spray as you would get with a spray paint or other spray adhesives. This allow greater accuracy and concentrated application.

 Web Spray Adhesive goes on clear. Stays tacky for almost 2 hours for a "pressure sensitive" tack. Completely cures in 12 hours. Will not dry-out over time. (Not recommended for Styrene Foams "Styrofoam".)  Giant 16.5 oz. can!**

Web Spray can features the unique "Regulator Spray" Nozzle  By turning the nozzle to Light, Medium or Heavy, the width of the spray stream increases or decreases. This allow for extreme accuracy when you need to apply a fine or heavy amount of adhesive.


Another unique feature is the "Directional Flat Spray Pattern". Turn horizontal for a Vertical Pattern, turn vertical for a Horizontal Spray Pattern. A little confusing at first but well worth the effort...

**Please Note: This item is prohibited from shipping to countries outside the U.S.A.