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This guy just won't stop! He's developing new scenery product all the time. Martin Welberg is truly Holland's most prolific and creative scenery designer. What he has done now is take the mundane static grass mat and perfected it in such a way than it really can't get any better. By taking various length static grasses and applying them in a random pattern using multiple applications. Many mats require 14 different passes to achieve this complex degree of layering, Some patterns incorporate fine dirt and rocky soils that blend perfectly with the fine tufts that feathers the transition between bare earth to thick grassy patches. These subtle techniques create mats that is unsurpassed in detail and realism. The backing of Welberg's Wild Mats is a 1.5 mil vinyl that will contour just about any terrain. A little heat from a hair dryer will soften the backing to conform to the most intricate detail. Simple glue is all that is needed but we find that a Web Spray will do the trick quite nicely and much quicker. All Wild Mats are individually hand-made. This means that EVERY mat is slightly different in appearance. So aligning the same mat next to another will not appear like a "tiled-like floor". Martin Welberg's mats will easily blend with other scenic elements such as Thicket Grass, traditional tufts, scenic foams and even static grasses applied using your static device.  Sheets measure 12" x 8.5" (30 x 21 cm). Click Image Below to see more about Martin Welberg's Multi-Textured WILD MATS click the link below to view his short introductory video.


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