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Item Number: WBM056
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Detailed Description

DESERT SWITCHGRASS TYPE "F" MAT - The driest-tone mat Martin Welberg produces. Ideal for any Western USA and parched region. Ideal for a winter scene, less the snow. The mat is characterized by dominant burnt dry grasses and weeds with dark olive tufts randomly placed on a multi-layered 'stony sage scruff' with short grasses with various brown-tone weed highlights. Two tones of gravel soil is used to give the appearance of weather-beaten talus rock. A fine amount of coarse ground foam is used to add additional sage texture in the transitional barren areas.  As with all Martin Welberg mats and products, every item is hand-made not using a 'fixed stencil' pattern. This allows modelers to place mats side-by-side to create large complex areas without repeating an un-natural duplicate pattern.

Full view photo of Desert Switchgrass type "F". 11-3/4" x 8-1/4".

Measures approximately 11-3/4" long x 8-1/4" wide. The backing is a super-thin tan vinyl film that cuts easily and adheres perfectly to surfaces. By heating the mat with a common hairdryer, the vinyl backing will conform to terrain surfaces. For small patchwork type placement we recommend a latex based adhesive such as Täk-E-Glue or Hobby Tac. This glue will allow for fine intricate detail without having raised edges that sometimes occur if glue has not covered the entire surface. For larger areas a Web Spray adhesive may be the best solution.