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Martin Welberg Studios has revolutionized the genre of Model Scenery. His creations of scale scenic components have surpassed the accepted norm of modeling. These bushes are like none before. Martin builds the bush up starting from a thick heavy static fiber. Then he uses his unique system of static application to create a highly detailed branch structure using various lengths and thicknesses. Once the shape of the bush has been achieved, a delicate canopy of fine leaves and/or ground foam texture is applied. The bushes come on a sheet of 10 pieces. The base is a super-thin vinyl that has leaf-litter and ground clutter that allows the base to blend easily with other scenery components.  The term "Super Detail" should apply when discussing these materials.

Take Caution!! As you know... These materials can get expensive and are designed to be installed using certain techniques. In order to maintain the delicate nature of their fine structure, please follow the How-To Instructions and learn properly the first time, so you will not waste materials through trial and error as most modelers do. Our FIRST Precaution is: Do Not Try to "PLUCK' a bush from the backing sheet! These are not grass tufts. You will squish and smash the bush to a point that it is useless. These materials do not like "fat fingers". Always use tweezers to handle the bush until you learn its limitations. Click Here to Download the HOW-TO Instruction PDF.

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