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Item Number: MN72831
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6MM SPRING PATHWAYS/ALFALFA/WINTER WHEAT ROWS! Readymade and simple to use. Perfect for walking paths, footpaths, railroad paths or nature paths! Pathways represent the high grass growth where no foot or wheel has trod. Also can be used as alfalfa grass. Each package of pathways consists of 8 horizontal rows of paths each measuring 6 mm high and 8½" long. Can be cut to any specifications! A little adhesive is required. (Not Shown)

SILFLOR German Quality Scenery Products

GRASS PATHWAY by MiniNatur represent another innovative concept from the creative genius of Silfor. These new pathways create an incredibly realistic rustic country lane with minimal effort. Silflor® grass is mounted on a ultra-thin transparent base using their secret Silflor process.

Grass Pathways/Grass Rows are designed to blend with their corresponding Grass Mats and Prairie Tufts both in color and grass heights. The secret of using Silflor products is to use the material sparingly. Small pieces are best mixed in a patchwork array of textures. A realistic, natural scenery can be achieved by incorporating various sizes of mat, textures, colors and heights. Take care when mixing and matching colors. Adjacent periods of the year must be utilized together, i.e., spring with summer and NOT spring with autumn. Yellow colors prevail closer to road surfaces while further from the road, ground surface is often greener. Last, fields rarely consist of one type of grass. Some places are wetter, others dryer. Some places tufts are longer, others shorter. So, feel free to add wild grasses, weeds and flowers for visible variations.

HOW TO USE: For placing one strip at a time, simply apply a little Hob-E-Tac (WD0195) to the backside of the strip and lay gently using tweezers to hold the strip in place. Be careful not to add too much glue or the glue will absorb into the flaky material and the grass blades will stick together. Web Spray (BO 1526) is recommended when doing large areas. Spray foundation lightly with Web Spray, then lay gently with tweezers where needed. The Web Spray will remain tacky for several minutes thus enabling you to reposition the strips if not happy with placement the first time. X-Long Prairie Pathways are also available in Summer (MN72832), Late Summer (MN72833) and Autumn (MN72834). See also our shorter 2mm Prairie Pathways (MN71821-MN71824) and 4mm (MN72821-MN72824). All sold separately.