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Woodland Meadow Field Grass Mat

Woodland Meadow Field Grass Mat
Item Number: HK1871
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Detailed Description

WOODLAND FIELD MEADOW - Dark and dry grass mat using a thick 5mm (1/4" tall) static grass which has the feel of a high field of grass. An excellent foundation for industrial areas when used with our Scrub Grass Blend and Farm Pasture Blends. Silflor 6.5mm Late Summer Prairie Tufts will also bring out a whole new dimension with this field. The field grass is on a paper backing which cuts and conforms easily to most rolling terrains. We recommend using a spray adhesive like our WEB SPRAY (BO1526) or a solvent contact cement. Yellow carpenters wood glue may also be used. Each pack contains two sheets measuring 15-3/4" x 9-1/2". These guys at Heki have really out-done themselves this time. Try it and you will agree!