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"Due to supply chain issues -  SuperTrees are a natural scale tree form indigenous to the Artic tundra of Scandinavia. A distant cousin to our western sagebrush, their intricate detail and perfect branch structure produce an incredible scale tree unsurpassed in realism. THE PERFECT SCALE TREE! The Value Case yields approximately 200-250 trees ranging in size from 5 - 8 inches. Ideal for all scales! Foliage and matte medium sold separately. Illustrated instructions included.

TIP: Try Insta-Cure+ (BS0106 1/2oz., BS0107 1 oz. or BS0108 2 oz.) on SuperTrees as the quickest and easiest method for planting large areas of SuperTrees! By gluing the tree trunk, this prevents the delicate trunk from breaking! Gluing also helps strenthen the trunk by encapsulating the stalk with a sheath of super glue!

TIP:  To refresh/moisten dry armatures, mist lightly (but thoroughly) with warm water. (Do not saturate). Close box. Allow trees to rest for one day.

SEE ALSO 16oz. GLYCERIN for refreshing/conditioning - CLICK HERE!

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PLEASE NOTE: EXPORT NOT AVAILABLE FOR AUSTRALIA, BRAZIL OR MEXICO!  ** Most international shipping costs begin at $67.02 USD.

Click Here to Download SuperTree Instruction Manual



Click to see NEW SuperLeaf. Scale leaf flake flock.