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Item Number: WBPW242
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Detailed Description

SUMMER LAYERED TUFTS WITH WEEDS  - Multi-layered healthy summer green-tone tufts highlighted with medium green speckled weeds arranged randomly on a 5-3/4" x 8" sheet. Use tufts individually or in clusters. 

This sheet of tufts are comprised of three heights of static grasses. The 2mm short base grasses feature both medium green and dry tone grasses. Randomly placed within the field of short grasses sprout tufts of variable 4mm and 6mm tufts. This creates a very natural random growth similar to what you would have in a summer pasture or field.


The generous sheet measures 15 x 21 cm and contains hundreds of tufts which are loosely attached to one another. This allows the modeler a variety of control. For the highest accuracy tufts may be pulled off one-by-one. As for the experienced and proto-skilled modeler realize that tufts grow randomly in patches or as a cluster. By pulling off several that are already semi-attached provides fast placement and makes for a much more natural appearing growth.


Martin Welberg recommends using a simple white glue. Simply pull off tufts from the silicone backing sheet and while using tweezers, dab on white glue to the back of the tuft and adhere to the scene. Come back in a few minutes to press down to burnish the tuft to the surface. Fix later once the scene is complete with a diluted Matte Medium spray.