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Item Number: MN99721S
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New from the geniuses at Silflor... The modeling world has been waiting and they have delivered... Goldenrod, a very common and attractive wildflower, once difficult to model, is now as easy as snipping, pinching it in half and planting. Goldenrod Weeds are available in four seasonal tones; Spring, Summer, Late Summer and Autumn. Ideal for HO and O-Scales. Sets include one 6” strips.

Easy to make in four simple steps. That's all it takes!

1: Using scissors simply snip off a thin stalk parallel with the thread grain of the material. Cut as thin as possible to make a delicate flower pod at each end.

2: Fold the strip in half but not exactly center. You will want the weed to fold at a slightly different height to give a more natural growth appearance.
TIP! Goldenrod dies quickly after the first frost and the renown bright yellow flowers become gray and fluffy for seed dispersal.
3: While holding the folded weed with a pair of self-closing tweezers, dab a small amount of clear-based glue such a a GOO II or Quick Grab at the base.

4: Immediately place the goldenrod into position. Depending on the other Silflor materials or ground covers you’re using such as Prairie Tufts or Buffalo Grasses, you may want to place them first then blend in the goldenrod.

We recommend GOO II or Quick Grab brand adhesives for their fast and transparent quality.