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Item Number: SF73021
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6mm WILD SPRING MOORLAND MAT -Silflor gives ground cover a whole new meaning. Silflor's unique beauty will add subtle distinctions of texture, length and color to any landscape. Grass heights are available in 2mm, 4mm & 6mm lengths. Choose from a variety of colors including spring, early summer, late summer, and autumn tones and our favorite, wild moorland texture. Our 6mm Wild Spring Moorland mat represents an uncultivated, low-growing vegetation habitat consisting of mostly rich green textures and spotty highlights of light green patches.6mm (12" x 19") mat. A realistic natural scenery can be achieved by incorporating various sizes of mat, textures, colors and heights. Take care when mixing and matching colors. Adjacent periods of the year must be utilized together. Yellow colors prevail closer to road surfaces while further from the road, ground surface is often greener. Fields rarely consist of one type of grass. Some places are wetter, others drier. Some places tufts are longer, others shorter, Feel free to add wild grasses, weeds and flowers for visible variations.