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Item Number: EX882B
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Detailed Description

SCRUB GRASS BLEND - 32 oz shaker bottle. As it sounds, Scrub Grass is a blend that captures the texture and color of a clumpy un-kept bushy area. Great for scenes you want to enhance into a scruffy site. This blend mixes well with a number of our other materials to deliver a level of texture you will appreciate.

Using a finer blend such as Green Grass or Summer Lawn as your base, Scrub Grass is then layered on the base to start your scene. Containing subtle hues of contrasting colors, this blend relies on its green base color to bring out those softer tones. Using Scrub Grass as the base, you can enhance the area using material like Buffalo Grass and Leafy Tufts to give dimension to the scene. Place yourself in the scene, Scrub Grass scenes like described here should be no higher then the knees of your human citizens. This blend lends itself perfectly for the edge of water, like a small pond and flowing creek. Try adding small pieces of WildGrass along that same area and you will be pleased with the results.

Explore the selection of different blends we offer as well as all the other texture materials available to enhance and complete your scene! We recommend enhancing your scene with Buffalo Grass as well as Super Turf. As you begin to layer your material, you will begin to see how easy it is to explode your scene with detail!

The Scrub Grass Blend is also available in a Super Value 64oz jug, and for those Really BIG projects, a 5-gallon bucket at incredible savings! Now available is the 48oz ECO-Pak. For modelers who already have a shaker bottle, and it’s empty, there is no better way to take advantage of that empty bottle than to fill it with the ECO-Pak!