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Item Number: SF93025S
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RED MAPLE 'LEAF' FOLIAGE - The Broadleaf Maple is perhaps the most colorful of all the maples in North America. A well known species, this maple is found throughout rural country sides and urban areas. Highly prized as an ornamental tree for  its brilliant autumn foliage. Set includes one sheet measuring 6" long x 1-1/2" wide.

Leaf Flake Foliage is very simple to use and economical when applied properly. Follow these steps and you'll produce one of the best looking foreground trees you'll have on your layout!
1: Cut a small square approximately 3/4" to 1". Snip diagonally half way through at several angles. At one end, pull apart to give a feathered fan shaped appearance with a "shaggy-end" texture.
The Genius of Silflor has done it again! Examine this foliage a little closer and you'll realize that the flakes are actually a five lobed leaf! Never before has such foliage detail, with this many seasonal tones, been available to the average modeler.
2: Apply Goo II or Quick Grab adhesive to your branches. (Spray adhesive works well with fine branch trees like SuperTrees)
Leaf Flake Foliage Set includes one sheet of leafy foliage on a super-fine polyester branch support. Sheet measures 6" x 1 1/2" each. Leaves are colorfast synthetic paper and resist fading and discoloring.
3: Gently apply Leaf Foliage to branch with the feathered fan facing outward. Tease ends to give additional shape.