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'PENNSY' STONE BLOCK WALL - O-SCALE SYSTEM is a fully integrated system featuring the classic dressed block pattern of the Pennsylvania RR. Each component matches with each other to create a limitless combination of masonry construction. Featuring interlocking dovetail edges ; rigid urethane with gray primer color.

Outside dimensions: 15" W x 7" H x 1/2" thick. The average size of cut stone measures 5/8" long by 1/4" high.

Some modeling necessary for a perfect fit.  Remove top notch.  May also need to use a sharp knife, emery board or nail file to slightly shave dovetails notches. VIRTUALLY EFFORTLESS!

FL6150-Cut 'Pennsy' Stone Block Wall, FL6161-Single Track Cut Block Portal, FL6262-Double Track Cut Block Portal, FL6263-Extra-Wide Double Cut Block Portal, FL6191-Stone Retaining Wing Set, FL6158-Stone Seam Sealers Set of 3. Also compatible with 'Flexible' version FL8150 - CLICK HERE

**TIP TO BEND: There is a process by which you can slightly bend the rigid walls. You do need to be careful and watch it carefully. This foam will burn before it melts.So, set your oven to 200 degrees to 250. Start at 250 degrees, and like I said, just keep an eye on it. Place the wall directly on the oven rack. The wall will become bendable once COMPLETELY HEATED THROUGH. If not completely heated through, the wall with break while bending it. Once heated through, bend the wall around something that is close to the diameter for which you are trying to achieve. Once cooled, the wall should remain in this position.