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Item Number: EX891A
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LEAF LITTER FOREST COVER - LEAF It To Us! You'll love this new 'woodsy' Leaf Litter. Use Leaf Litter where dead plant material such as twigs and branches have fallen to the ground. 16 oz. shaker-lid container.  A relatively dull lifeless scene will look more natural with a simple scattering of dried Leaf Litter. The modeler's best secret weapon is to know how to apply Leaf Litter "in just the right spots". Think about it, fallen leaves naturally accumulate in un-manicured and wild areas, on roof-tops and under trees. Regardless of the season, you will always find dead leaves everywhere. By sprinkling a small amount Leaf Litter, old dilapidated scenes stand out and help mute brighter colors of new growth. Use it as a base ground cover in forested areas and place Wild Bushes and SuperTurf as forest growths. We make Leaf Litter from natural oak and maple leaves, dried and chopped to precise scale, then sanitized for two months to ensure purity. We package it in a generous 16 oz. shaker. You will find it's one of our best 'bang-for-your-buck' as a single shaker goes a long way!