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Hotel Roosevelt Neon Sign LARGE - Right

Hotel Roosevelt Neon Sign LARGE - Right
Item Number: ME68812R
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Detailed Description

Hotel/Motel Series Hotel Roosevelt Animated Neon Sign. LARGE Right-looking. (Pin Connection on the Right) 2¼" high. (Right Version Photo Not Available). (Left Version Shown)..57.8mm 2¼"
Hotel/Motel Series

Miller Engineering's complete line of vertical and free standing Multi-Graphic Animated Signs offer exceptional value and versatility . Each sign kit comes with six easy to apply graphic overlays. Our peel and stick overlays can be removed and changed to a different name if desired. All vertical signs are available as left or right version. Suitable for N, HO, S, & O scales These new signs have the same great benefits of all Light Works neon signs – ready-to-run, paper-thin, produce no heat, and have realism second to none.


Each series has 6 optional self-adhesive decals.

ME68812-R Large Right 2¼”h  HO & O
Large Left 2¼”h  HO & O
ME68822-R Medium Right 1½”h  N-Scale
Medium Left 1½”h  N-Scale
NEW Vertical Multi-Graphic Animated Signs feature six easy to use graphic ‘peel & stick’ overlays that can be changed if desired. Available in LEFT and RIGHT versions.