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HARDROCK GRANITE CLIFF FOIL 14-3/4" x 8-1/2" Sheets

Item Number: HK3500
Expected on : 6/27/2024

Detailed Description

New Flexible Rock Material Just Made Life A Lot Easier

Hardrock Granite Cliff 'Foil' is a heavily textured rock-look film ideal for quick and easy designing of mountain landscapes. Simple to use. Just shape and press into place. Adhesive required. Contains two14-3/4" x 8-1/2"sheets!

HARDROCK GRANITE CLIFF FOIL Contains two 14¾" x 8½" sheets




1: Simply crumble the soft plastic film to add   more 3-D contour.


2: Tack the material to your framework either with low-temp hot glue or staple gun.

(Avoid using liquid nails or some glues as they will dissolve the plastic.)


3: Blend seams with Flex-Paste (WD1205) or Gypsolite (EX0050). 


4: Apply a flat, dark base coat color wash. Use only Acrylic or Flat Latex paints diluted and mixed with a little rubbing alcohol for all weathering.



5: Sponge on additional mid-tone color giving the rock a 'stipple look'.


6. Brush on light color highlights for out cropping textures