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Item Number: EX897B
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Detailed Description

Green Adirondack Blend - 32 oz shaker bottle. When you need to model a forest floor that has a lighter touch of dead fall yet captures the feel of fallen leaves, small twigs and greenish clumpy debris, this blend is your choice. Directly from the container you will lay down a scenic blend that will give you the perfect look! The convenient 32oz sifter-shaker bottle allows you to control the right amount of product you wish to apply. Layering textures is the key when working with our Flock & Turf products.

Forest floors have a number of different elements. Layering a convincing series of textures will give you the look you desire. First, using the Green Adirondack blend as the base you can now begin to add as much texture you will need. Light touches will add shadows and other details like the Pull-Apart Foliage can give you a thicker undergrowth finish.

Explore the selection of different blends we offer as well as all the other texture materials available to enhance and complete your scene! The Green Adirondack blend is also used for other base scenes around your layout. When you have an area that is neglected or is to depict a scene on the edges of a field or the far backyard of a home this blend fills in perfectly. By adding either light or heavy detail touches, the scene becomes realistic. Another great texture you will want to consider is the Dark Adirondack Blend.

The GREEN ADIRONDACK BLEND is also available in a Super Value 64oz jug.       And for those Really BIG projects, a 5-gallon bucket at incredible savings!     New! - Now available is the 48oz ECO-Pak. For modelers who already have a shaker bottle, and it’s empty, there is no better way to take advantage of that empty bottle than to fill it with the ECO-Pak!