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Item Number: WBP601
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Detailed Description

6MM SPRING TUFTS -  6mm tall spring tone green tufts arranged randomly on a 5-3/4" x 8" sheet. Use tufts individually or in clusters. Various size tufts, lighter-green grass and slightly deeper healthy green tone tufts arranged randomly on a 5-3/4" x 8" sheet. Tufts have multi-diameter using a 6mm dry tone static grass at the base which represents a growth from the previous season. Sprouting from the tuft base is random shoots of 6mm static grasses in healthy spring tones.

The generous sheet measures 15 x 21 cm and contains hundreds of tufts which are loosely attached to one another. This allows the modeler a variety of control. For the highest accuracy tufts may be pulled off one-by-one. As for the experienced and proto-skilled modeler, they realize that tufts grow randomly in patches or as a cluster. By pulling off several that are already semi-attached, this provides fast placement and provides a much more natural appearing growth.