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4mm Dry Winter Tufts

4mm Dry Winter Tufts
Item Number: WBP406
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Detailed Description

4mm Dry Winter Tufts - 4mm color tones of dead & dry winter Grasses. Set consists of deep tans & brown static grasses with a subtle blend of burnt green remnant grass from the past season. Super realistic! Tufts are placed randomly on a 5-3/4" x 8" sheet. Use tufts individually or in clusters.

We recommend a simple white glue be used for permanent application. Täk-E-Glue or Hob-e-Tac are latex based and are preferred on coarse or areas of high use such as around staging areas or control centers where activity may rub-off scenery and delicate static effects.

Photo shown is an O-Scale figure for scale reference purposes only. Martin Welberg products are designed for use with ALL SCALE Models.