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2mm-6mm ALPINE MEADOW STATIC/1.7oz. (50g)

2mm-6mm ALPINE MEADOW STATIC/1.7oz. (50g)
Item Number: NH07075
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Detailed Description

ALPINE MEADOW STATIC GRASS - A blend of short 2mm and 6mm tall static grasses specially designed for use with the GRASSMaster 3.0 (NH60110) or PROF! (NH60112))! Noch has combined several alpine meadow static blends together with other contrasting and complimentary blends to provide a realistic grass appearance...the way grasses naturally grow throughout the seasons! By blending and controlling the density of your application, several desirable effects are easily achieved. Each pack contains approx. 1½ cups of static. Enough to cover approximately 24" x 24" level surface area.