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Item Number: SE0041
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Detailed Description

Tak-E-Glue is the best scenic adhesive to use on your model railroad scenery, military displays, or miniature dioramas. Tak-E-Glue is a vinyl-based synthetic latex glue with the application qualities of white glue and greater flexibility of acrylic matte medium and Scenic Cement. The most unique characteristic of this glue is that it has an aggressive tack when it begins to set. Use it as you would Matte Medium. Undiluted it is ideal for heavy application where strength is needed to hold thick ground coverings, grass and textured mats, sand, gravels and stone talus. Tak-E-Glue may also be diluted with water for a thin application or spray. The recommended dilution for optimal adhesion is 1 part Tak-E-Glue to 4 parts water. Use a quality spray bottle such as a SprayMister.

What is "aggressive tack"? It is similar to the adhesive on 'peel and stick' items. When you apply it to your working surface, you have a 2 to 3 hour working time where it remains pressure sensitive and just about anything you press into the glue-spot will stick. This glue is ideal for applying thick scenic textures to vertical surfaces such as mountain cliff sides and building facades. Tak-E-Glue will set permanently after 3 hours when it eventually catalysts and hardens to a dull clear surface. Always shake well before using!  **Product will freeze. Will NOT ship to areas experiencing below freezing termperatures.

This is the IDEAL glue for keeping  SUPERTREES  soft and subtle.

Also available in 32oz Quart ( SE0042 )