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10" FOREST PINE KIT - 2 Trees

Item Number: MN57032
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Detailed Description

FOREST PINE KIT - 10" Trees   Indigenous throughout the USA and North America. Commonly thrives in temperate climate areas. A well-known twin cousin of the forest pine is the Southern Pine found in the southern states. Kit contains 2 wire tree armatures and conifer needle foliage.

New MiniNatur Conifer Tree Kits come with positional wire trunks which have a unique vinyl coating that simulates a weathered bark texture. Also with each kit comes several sheets of pine horsetail foliage with scale needle flock, enough to make your tree full and lush. We recommend using the 3-in-1 Glue as your primary adhesive.

1:  Bend and twist wire Tree Armature to form the realistic shape and dimension.
2:  Snip the Horsetail foliage to the necessary sizes and s according to the style of tree. Cut only what you need for each branch layer. The pieces get smaller as you go up the tree.
3:  Apply 3-IN-1 clear base glue to the top edge of the branches. Not much is needed.


4:  Drape the appropriate length of the Horsetail over the branch. Then pinch the material, folding it in half making the pine bough.
5:  Detail the top crown with small pieces of Horsetail.
6:  With fine scissors, snip the boughs to give the pine boughs individual texture and shape. Tease the boughs to give a wispy texture.

  QUICK HOW-TO: Download the Simple Step-by-Step Instructions.